House moving costs

House moving costs: The definitive guide

When you're trying to budget to move house, there are lots of different costs involved - some of which you may not be expecting if you haven't been through the process before.

Here's our definitive guide to the different house moving costs payable and how much you sh...

How to buy a house

How to buy a house: Negotiation tips

For most people, buying a house is the single biggest financial decision they'll ever make. And yet, because of the emotion involved, it's not something you can treat as just an investment.

In the back of your mind, a property is always a home too.

Over the...

Market a property before Christmas

Should I put my property on the market before Christmas?

If you have been anywhere near the High Street lately you'll have heard the Christmas music, spotted the Christmas lights and seen all the sparkly window displays tempting you into the shops. Can you believe we are just a month away from the big day? Christmas will all be over...

House move checklist

The complete house move checklist

These days, there is a lot to think about when moving house, whether renting or buying.

If you're changing address, here is our house move checklist to help you remember everything you'll need to consider at every step of the process.

With a few weeks to go......

Sell a property in summer

Should I sell during the summer holidays?

Some sellers feel that if they have 'missed' the spring market, they should wait until September before selling their property; but there are solid reasons for marketing your home during the summer.

Firstly, your house is likely to look its very best. The bright days...

Coping with property chains

Coping with property chains

If you're a cash buyer, a first time buyer or are buying a new build, probate or repossession property, you've just avoided one of the most painful parts of moving house: the property chain.

Those who have suffered from a problematic chain before will know the risks:...

Preparing your home for sale

A-Z of preparing your home for sale

Our tips to achieve the best price possible by putting a bit of thought into preparing your property for sale.

It's one of those sad facts of life that a property often looks at its best just when you've prepared it for sale.

However, although it's a shame ...

Second viewing tips

46 second viewing tips

It's often said that we spend less time looking at a house we might buy than we do checking over a car - and in our experience, there's quite a bit of truth in that.

Perhaps it's that fewer properties than cars will match your needs, making it harder to find somethin...