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Property Marketing Reinvented

We unlock potential

Home buyers are used to seeing images of how a property currently looks and can struggle to visualise its potential, which ultimately influences their decision to progress their interest.

Leila Loves Design offers Estate Agents the opportunity to increase online traffic, click rates and conversions to property viewings by creating images that unlock the true potential of a property.

But we offer more than image creation…

We create an experience

Home buyers commence a journey of excitement when purchasing a new home, our Unique Property Reinvention Package prolongs that excitement well after the sale and gives buyers something to talk about!

As a welcome gift Leila Loves Design offers a co-branded “Reinvention In A Box” for new home owners as part of our package providing everything they need to re-create the affordable visuals they fell in love with.

As an Estate Agents you can now offer a unique customer experience provided in a beautifully designed box which is waiting for the buyer in their new home.

See the difference

Marketing Report

Using your property analytics tools, you will see the difference our services will make to your online traffic with increased property views and viewings.

The graph represents real results of a property recently marketed with a well known national estate agent for the period of 29th Dec 2018 to 18th Jan 2019. It clearly displays the increase in views compared to similar properties that are marketed in a traditional method.

What it is & What it could be…

We can use any photograph of any room, recreate the exact image at the precise angle and transform the space using ACTUAL purchasable items within a set budget. We will supply before and after images so that your client can clearly see what the room currently looks like and what it could look like with a design makeover. On purchase of the property, all items are available to the client with an easy to follow floor plan and visuals for them to re-create the total look of the space.