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Rent guarantee protection

Economic times have led to more and more landlords needing to protect their rental property investment and their income more than ever before. Even the best tenants can find their circumstances changing, resulting in them being unable to meet their rental commitments.

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Having a rent guarantee policy in place can protect you from being out of pocket as a landlord. Additionally, we also offer a comprehensive Legal Expenses service – whereby landlords will be covered from any costly legal fees during an eviction process.

  • These policies are available in either 6 or 12-month terms, without an excess.
  • Policy covers a maximum of £1,500 rent per month, up to £10,000 per claim or the equivalent of 6 months' rent.
  • Policy further covers up to £25,000 of legal expenses (solicitors' costs) to evict tenants.
  • Our policy covers the property, not the tenants, so if the tenants change during the policy term the cover still stands, so long as the new tenants have been referenced and passed.
  • Claims for rent arrears will be paid up until vacant possession is gained, the policy lapses or the term of the tenancy expires, whichever comes first.
  • Policies can be renewed even if a claim is in progress.

We use the same company for our rent guarantee protection, who carry out the stringent tenant referencing checks before tenancy commencement. As this company will have already gathered certain information relating to the tenants, this ensures for a smoother and quicker process.