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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any fees to pay if the property doesn't sell?

No, our terms are No Sale, No Fee! The only time you pay our fee is upon completion once the monies have cleared with the solicitors.

How long am I tied in for?

We are so confident that we will sell your property quickly that you’re only tied in to a sole agency contract with us for 60 days, after that you are free to bring another agent on board if necessary. If you wish to terminate the agreement all together, simply hand in 28 days’ notice and we will take the property off the market once the 28 days are up if we haven’t already sold it by then.

What if I can't find anywhere?

We will be honest with buyers about your chain and will, therefore, make it clear from the start that you will need time to find somewhere. If you can’t find anywhere and your buyer cannot wait any longer for you to find, so you, therefore, decide not to move, then we can inform the buyer and cease marketing without charging you a penny. If you then find somewhere at a later date, it is only a click of a button for us to re-launch the marketing and start looking for a buyer!

How long will you market my house for?

We will market your property for as long as it takes to sell. Along the way we can make changes to the marketing to keep it fresh and to get new buyers interested. You will only pay us once we have sold it and the sale has completed.

Do I have to do my own viewings?

We are happy to accompany all viewings for you as part of the service we offer. We can accompany viewings until 7pm in the week and on Saturdays and Sundays, so we can usually work around the majority of buyers’ availability.

Do I have to have a 'For Sale' board?

You don’t have to have a board, however, we find them to be very useful for several reasons, the main reason is that a lot of buyers like to drive past before arranging a viewing, so they tend to look for a board to indicate which property it is that’s for sale.

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